About Us

We decided to take a sabbatical leave so that we can explore the world ourselves, see what beauty there is and enjoy it before we grow old. We travel together with our cat Binkie and use a converted camper van, a Mitsubishi L300 4×4 to get around.  We come from the Netherlands, Europa.

In a windy Moroccan desert


Nice to meet you! I was born in the Netherlands where I lived, studied and worked. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for international companies as Alcoa (aluminium extrusion profiles), Sapa (die and tooling design, manufacture) and Bosch (CVT transmission design).

I converted a commercial van into an overland camper and now I stopped working to give myself a chance to see the world and to drive some of the world’s “dangerous roads”. Together with my wife and our cat we started travelling in a small camper van. Currently, my skills include chauffeuring, cooking, repair and maintenance of the van and navigating.

My hobby is mountain biking, I do that since 1991. Trail grades that I can comfortably ride are classified S2 but I make small excursions to S3. I prefer to ride long (day) tours on natural trails in the mountains. Perhaps because I come from a flat country, the mountains are calling me. Anyway, I really enjoy being in the mountains, it feels at home.


Hi there! Just like my husband Kilian, I was born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, even in the same city. Although when we met, I was living in Germany, and had never met Kilian in the past 34 years. I moved back to the Netherlands to be with him. I’ve studied environmental technology and for almost twenty years I’ve worked as an environmental inspector for the local government. Which meant that I visited industrial companies to check if the (Dutch) environmental rules were followed. It was a nice job but not my dream job. I chose to study environmental technology because in my youthful idealism, I wanted to save the planet. I apologize for the disappointment, but hey, I did my best. I had no idea what my dream job was but in general the advice is to think about what you really want out of a job and what you wanted to be when you were a kid. Well, becoming an astronaut was always a longshot and a bit late for that now. But I remembered being asked as an 11-12 year old what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told a lie then, saying I didn’t know yet. I did know but also realised it wasn’t the “right” answer. Back then I wanted to be something of a gypsy. There was a television show back then called Swiebertje about a bit of a hobo and I also read some books with likewise stories. These people weren’t so much homeless because they always had a place to stay but where free to do as they liked.  They had many great adventures. Perhaps “homefree” was a better name for these fictional characters. I was old enough to realise that there was a difference between a story and reality and knew being a hobo wasn’t really a job. Or at least not one that pays the bills. But when I started thinking about it as an adult, I realised it was the freedom I wanted, the (daily) change instead of the same thing every day and the possibility to see something more of the world.  I just couldn’t see myself any more, working until I was almost 70 (retirement age in the Netherlands), mostly to pay for a house and stuff I didn’t really want or need. I’ve never been very materialistic. So after saving money for several years and having sold a house, I now have my dream “job”.

Me and Binkie taking it easy

My job description now involves: taking care of Binkie, checking out where we want to go, keeping the van somewhat clean and tidy and doing laundry in rivers. Unlike Kilian, who is very active, I’m more the lazy type and not ashamed to admit it! Reading a book in my hammock while eating a piece of chocolate is a very good way to spend the day, as far as I’m concerned.  I do like to go hiking and will go on the occasional (short) mountain bike ride, preferably only going downhill. As far as I’m concerned we have a van for going uphill.  

I do like adventurous activities. Tara canyon zipline.