From Dusk till Dawn

Dusk is my favourite time of the day. After my afternoon nap I’m full of energy. A lot of little animals come out so this is the best time for me to catch mice or possibly something else. The lizards are usually gone by now. Even though the light is … Read more


Why do Kilian and Marcia often go to cemeteries and mosques? Marcia was a huge fan of Buffy the vampire slayer (fact) and now she has time, decided to find out once and for all if vampires exist or not. Kilian is secretly hoping to run in to Sarah Michelle … Read more

Binkie’s afternoons

How I spend my afternoons, really differs. Sometimes I sleep. Preferably in the van but when it is really hot I find a nice place in the shade. Sometimes I find one where it is difficult for my humans to see me. That means they often have to check if … Read more

Mornings with Binkie

Quite recently my human, Marcia, wrote that there isn’t much to write about me, because I do the same thing everyday. Well, that is soooo not true, so I decided to write my own story about my exciting days. Now I do hope you’ll appreciate this, because typing with paws … Read more