Mud attack

The last month has not been the best one in terms of ridable weather. We have had a lot of winter weather since we had to leave Turkey and went back to Bulgaria. Lot’s of snow and freezing conditions meant that we had the opportunity to do some skiing and … Read more


We arrived from Bulgaria and via the Gallipoli peninsula found our way to the Asian part of Turkey and visited Troye. We went along the coast to Izmir, quite a big city with 4.2 million citizens. We drove to Pamukkale and the ruins of Hierapolis. Here, we waited for the … Read more

By the seaside

finally we made it to the Mediterranean coastline, near Marmaris to be precise. it’s January and we see palm and eucalypti trees, and other kinds of tropical vegetation. Yes!! I am the first to admit that I like +15°C at least to call it fine cycling weather. Not that I … Read more


After an easy check at the border customs, we entered Bulgaria. We took only a week to cross Bulgaria. This time of the year (December) is just not the best season to visit this country in our opinion. We drove through beautiful mountain ranges and plains, but all this will … Read more