June 2022

At the beginning of June we visited Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. We had already established that there wasn’t much sightseeing to do as you can read in this post. But big cities have lots of shops and services that you can’t find elsewhere. So we bought a new water … Read more

A tale of three cities

The three most important cities in Nicaragua are Leon, Granada and Managua. We visited all three of them. Leon and Granada are typical Colonial cities, Managua less so. Leon Leon is the city closest to the Pacific Ocean and is also the warmest place in Nicaragua. We can definitely confirm … Read more

Telica volcano

This volcano isn’t very well known and Kilian came across it by accident while searching for a good campsite online. He found an off-road track which lead close to the top. The track was about 16 km long and it took us less than two hours to drive, which isn’t … Read more


We were camping at a lake not to far from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. It was late afternoon and I was doing the last load of laundry, wanting to finish it before it would be dark.  I noticed a group of moth like creatures flying just above my head. I … Read more