And the answer is…..

Last week Binkie posted a quiz online. His paws are a bit cold from all the snow so he has asked me to type the answer. We had several responses, but none of them correct! Most people seem to think we are now hunting vampires and/or Sarah Michelle Gellar. Although … Read more

January 2021

We started off the new year in Denizli where it was very quiet due to a 4 day curfew and a ban on fireworks. When everything was open again we had some fabric repaired at a sewing workshop. The van had quite the audience. On the 4th of January we … Read more


We wanted to visit the old town of Antalya and the Hadrian gate. We stayed a few days in Antalya in 2012 during our first visit to Turkey. We remembered it as a city with a lot of atmosphere, not too big and with cosy streets in the old town. … Read more

Binkie online

It is not always easy to write a story about Binkie. Yes it is unusual that he is a travelling cat. But Binkie basically does mostly the same thing every day, just in a different area. Now a picture says more than a thousand words. So Binkie now has his … Read more

Pamukkale and Hierapolis

One of the major sightseeing attractions in Turkey is Pamukkale. Pamukkale is a white mountain made of calcium. It looks kind of like an iceberg. It is a natural phenomenon made from the water that contains a large amount of calcium and flows along several terraces down the mountain. The … Read more


We were amazed by the number of archaeological sites in the city, something you don’t read much about. Although the history museum was closed, it also has an outdoor part, which we did visit. After that we also saw the Sveti Georgi Rotunda church, which was build in the 4th … Read more