Just some pics

We take a lot of photo’s but don’t use them all on our site. Sometimes because we have more than enough photo’s for a story, sometimes because there isn’t much of a story. “Today we saw a beautiful flower”, isn’t much of a story . So we now have a … Read more

The horse rescue

We were in the area of Vratsa and had driven up the mountain to go for a walk to a waterfall, near a small ski resort called Parshevitsa. In this part of the mountains the snow was melting fast. The roads were mostly clear and most meadows were free of … Read more

And the answer is…..

Last week Binkie posted a quiz online. His paws are a bit cold from all the snow so he has asked me to type the answer. We had several responses, but none of them correct! Most people seem to think we are now hunting vampires and/or Sarah Michelle Gellar. Although … Read more