Along the way we’ve seen some funny things. They usually don’t make much of a story, but we thought it would be nice to just share some of the pictures with you. These are just so dumb that they are funny. Unless you’re in a wheelchair of course, in which … Read more

Health certificate Madness

(Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with covid) When you want to cross a border with a pet, most countries demand (among other papers)a health certificate no older than 14 days. For this certificate you have to go to the vet. They check out the animal and then fill … Read more

Hurray, hurray one year today!

Well that is if you read this post on August 5th, 2021. Exactly one year ago we left the Netherlands to see more of the world. We have had an interesting and exciting year with ups but also some downs of course. The ups being the beautiful landscapes we’ve seen, … Read more


Now don’t worry, this is not an article about me going on a shopping trip. It is also not an issue we thought was important before we started travelling long term. As a tourist you enjoy the small shops, don’t mind the limited availability of different kinds of food and … Read more