Bash plate and Skid plate

I created these parts because the original “skid” plate was a flimsy piece of metal that was rusted away. It was time to replace it, and I decided to use 5mm aluminium sheet to make it more resistant while not adding too much weight.

The front part (the Bashplate) is designed as a protector for the radiator and as a warning when you hit something. It is not intended to carry the weight of the vehicle. Ventilation is sufficient: I did not experience a rise in temperature after I installed it.

The second part (the skid plate) was originally only a small piece between the front wheels. i extended this part to also protect the sump. It attaches to the sub frame with two pipe clamps. It does not have additional venting holes. I don’t think it is needed. For different engine types the hole to drain the sump might have to be relocated. You can easily check that by printing the 1:1 drawing and fit it before cutting the real part.

The prototype (I use it since 2018) was made to fit on a 3rd gen Mitsubishi L300 4×4, type P45V (long version). with diesel engine 4D56. I don’t think this is critical. What might be a point of attention is left or right hand drive. Also I am not sure if it fits an automatic transmission.

If you are interested in fabricating your own bashplate and skidplate, I have some files that can help you to make an easier start.

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Bashplate ans Skidplate
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The download consists of a compressed (zip) file, containing 7 files:

  • an explanatory text file (txt)
  • Bashplate drawing with dimensions (pdf)
  • Bashplate 1:1 drawing (pdf)
  • Bashplate 1:1 drawing for (laser) cutting (dxf)
  • Skidplate drawing with dimensions (pdf)
  • Skidplate 1:1 drawing (pdf)
  • Skidplate 1:1 drawing for (laser) cutting (dxf)