We re-visited Thethi where, since the last time we visited it in 2018, road construction has begun on the last section of the SH-21 to allow people with Porsches to reach the heart of the Albanian Alps. We saw the dunes of Shëngjin but concluded that it was not so spectacular. Then drove the long way to Valbonë, Also in the Albanian Alps. This town already has an asphalt road leading to it, so here you can see what Thethi can expect in the near future. We wrote something about both villages here.

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Thethi, as far as possible.
Komani ferry

We went back to Shkoder with the Komani lake ferry, enjoying the fabulous views inside the canyon.

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We visited Tirane, a very nice and bustling city with lots of things to see, and walk around Blloku. From Tirana we drove south along the coast to Gjipe beach, a place hard to get away from. Close to Borsh we took a turn inland to Kuc. After that we visited the area of Gjirokaster and Permet and spent a few days near to the Nivice canyon.

Nivice Canyon

From there we took a bad road to Frasher.

close to Frasher

We came along a large complex of the Bektashi, took a bad road (again, in this case the sh75) to Korce, had to wait a long time for our parcels to arrive, drove to Shebenik-Jablanika Nat Park, visited Gramsh and met Alfred because we had to do some urgent repairs.


We drove up to Mt Tomorr, the highest peak in central Albania.

Almost on top of Mt. tomorr

After a short visit to Polican we went back over the mountains to Pogradec to pick up the parcels, replaced the ball joint and household battery in Korce. And after a short visit to Tirane (again) to make sure Binkie was OK, we crossed the border to North Macedonia.

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