Binkie’s afternoons

How I spend my afternoons, really differs. Sometimes I sleep. Preferably in the van but when it is really hot I find a nice place in the shade. Sometimes I find one where it is difficult for my humans to see me. That means they often have to check if I’m still there but it is good to keep them alert.

I am well camouflaged!

You see, once I managed to wrestle out of my harness when it got stuck in some bushes. They hadn’t noticed, since there was apparently some problem in the van. So I took off on my own, finding some nice rocks to lie on. I could still see the van, so no worries. But a few minutes later I heard this hysterical scream. How rude of Marcia to disturb my nap! For some reason my humans then started to run through the bushes. That was really dumb of them because they all had thorns; that’s how I got stuck in the first place. I ignored them as I was enjoying the sun. They were also calling my name but whatever problem they needed my help for now, would just have to wait. Then after 5-10 minutes Marcia was suddenly there. I let her pick me up and cuddle me since she gave me treats. I got a bit uncomfortable though as my fur was getting wet from her leaky face and she was holding me very tight! Kilian came over too and they carried me to the van. See, I knew there was a problem in there they needed my help for!

When I don’t sleep I check to see if there are any mice yet. Or I try to catch a lizard. This is hard though. Not because the lizards are faster than me, but because my humans don’t like it when I do that. Especially not since I started eating them. They are concerned for my health (my humans that is, the lizards are more concerned about their own health) They don’t understand why I don’t eat mice, but I do eat the lizards. Well it is easy. See, mice have these wriggle little tails that I really don’t like, yuk! Lizards have tails too, but they kindly drop them before I eat the rest of the lizard. And because the tail keeps wriggling after it is dropped I get to play with that as well. Playing with your food is great fun, you humans should do it too. Just throw some pieces of meat in the air and then jump after them, while try catching the falling meat with your open mouth. Let me know how that goes and next time I will let you know what I do in the evenings.

Ieuw get that yucky thing out of my bowl!

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