From Dusk till Dawn

Dusk is my favourite time of the day. After my afternoon nap I’m full of energy. A lot of little animals come out so this is the best time for me to catch mice or possibly something else. The lizards are usually gone by now. Even though the light is getting less I can see just fine. I also love to go for a walk now. But it depends on where we are and how much I have already walked my humans. They tire easily and think 2 walks a day is enough. And for some reason humans don’t see really well when it gets dark. Now that I think about it, I feel a little bit sorry for you humans. That is why I allow my humans to put a collar with a led light in it around my neck, it means they can see where I am in the dark and I get to stay out longer because of it. If they think the area is save enough. If there are dogs around I have to come in before it gets really dark. I have told them they should put a light collar around the dogs necks instead of mine but so far they insist on decorating me like I am some kind of Christmas ornament. If it were up to me I would be outside most of the night. Although I like being inside when they eat, especially when I smell fish! I often get a little bit of fish and if I am lucky I also get a lick of yoghurt or whip cream, yummy. You humans make pretty lousy cats but great food, I’ll give you that! Once I have to stay inside I take another nap and have a wash. Until they get ready to go to bed. Just before they go to sleep I get the rest of my dry food. They tell me I shouldn’t eat it all at once. I don’t see why not, I can always wake Kilian up early to give me more. Once I have eaten everything I find a place on the bed to sleep. I prefer to lie on their legs, making a nice little nest. But they complain about not being able to move enough. Well I’ll tell you, they move around a lot! It disturbs my sleep sometimes and then they have the nerve to complain, tssk! When it is really cold I snuggle in under the blankets with them, they always make room for me so that’s really nice. If it is too hot I usually sleep in the front on the drivers seat or on the floor. I also have a nice cooling mat to lie on if necessary. By the time it is dawn my morning starts and you can read about that HERE.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my days. Who knows what else I’ll write about in the future.

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