We visited the Durmitor national park, saw the black lake from above. Also discovered the Nevidio Canyon, visited the Ostrog monastery, Kotor with the od town walls and heritage from Venetian times and earlier. Saw the Rijeka river bends and generally were surpised by the diverse and ever changing landscape.


We went quickly from Italy to Croatia and skipped Slovenia. Close to Slovenia, there are still lush green mountains and cold nights, but as we went South, that quickly changed. We are following the coastal road, the D8, to Montenegro. Because it is a problem to enter or get out … Read more


Liechtenstein, a very small country wedged between Switzerland and Austria, is so small that we missed it every time when we crossed the Alps. This time we hit it right in the centre with it’s cute little capital, Vaduz. Not just that, it also happened to be the national holiday … Read more