Binkie online

It is not always easy to write a story about Binkie. Yes it is unusual that he is a travelling cat. But Binkie basically does mostly the same thing every day, just in a different area. Now a picture says more than a thousand words. So Binkie now has his … Read more

Binkie’s hangouts

The first few days Binkie had to get used to being on the road again. Including finding his favourite place(s) to lie on or in. Cats naturally like to lie in a small closed of space. That ‘s why so many cat-baskets are like an igloo or cave. We knew … Read more

Binkie Has landed..

Earlier we were very happy with our additional tent. Well, Binkie was also very fond of it. The tent proved to be a magnificent elevated lookout point with integrated hammock. Of course he knows that it is not allowed to climb on the tent, but every now and then it … Read more

Binkie on the road

Most cats aren’t too happy about travelling in a car. Our old and now gone cat Moon peed, vomited and pooped in his travel cage on the 8-minute calm drive to the vet. I’ve had other cats who made so much noise that it would have been difficult to hear … Read more

On the lookout

Binkie is checking out our second “home”. Lucky for us, Binkie is accustomed to discover new territories, but off course he’s a bit apprehensive at first. It helps to check out things from a higher point of view. For example from the roof of the van.