Binkie Has landed..

Earlier we were very happy with our additional tent. Well, Binkie was also very fond of it. The tent proved to be a magnificent elevated lookout point with integrated hammock. Of course he knows that it is not allowed to climb on the tent, but every now and then it … Read more

Binkie on the road

Most cats aren’t too happy about travelling in a car. Our old and now gone cat Moon peed, vomited and pooped in his travel cage on the 8-minute calm drive to the vet. I’ve had other cats who made so much noise that it would have been difficult to hear … Read more

On the lookout

Binkie is checking out our second “home”. Lucky for us, Binkie is accustomed to discover new territories, but off course he’s a bit apprehensive at first. It helps to check out things from a higher point of view. For example from the roof of the van.

Why we travel with a cat!

Well not just a cat of course, Binkie. According to Binkie our lives can be divided into two era’s: BB and WB. Which of course stands for Before Binkie and With Binkie. Our lives BB naturally were sad and meaningless. With Binkie we have known nothing but pure happiness… Ahem, … Read more