We were staying in Cancún until our van arrived by boat in Veracruz. More about the shipping can be read in this blog. You can see the long awaited arrival of the van in Cancun, and all other things that happened in our January, February and March blog. Cancún is … Read more


We crossed the border from Georgia, at Bavra. All went swift but, just as with Georgia, more things had to be arranged at or before the border crossing: temporary import permit for the vehicle environmental tax for the vehicle car insurance (3rd party liability) The landscape was a continuation of … Read more


After a long drive through Turkey along the Black Sea coast. Border crossing was easy with the help of very friendly personnel. To cross the border with a car, you need to arrange beforehand: Fill in an digital entry form Car insurance Some observations regarding traffic: Traffic is quite challenging. … Read more


We arrived from Bulgaria and via the Gallipoli peninsula found our way to the Asian part of Turkey and visited Troye. We went along the coast to Izmir, quite a big city with 4.2 million citizens. We drove to Pamukkale and the ruins of Hierapolis. Here, we waited for the … Read more


After an easy check at the border customs, we entered Bulgaria. We took only a week to cross Bulgaria. This time of the year (December) is just not the best season to visit this country in our opinion. We drove through beautiful mountain ranges and plains, but all this will … Read more


We re-visited Thethi where, since the last time we visited it in 2018, road construction has begun on the last section of the SH-21 to allow people with Porsches to reach the heart of the Albanian Alps. For off-roaders there is also the south “road” to reach Thethi in style. … Read more


Literally “black mountains”. The country is bigger than the Netherlands, but has far less inhabitants, about 45 per square kilometer (Netherlands: 415/sq km). We entered the country without any difficulties and decided to camp near one of the Niksic lakes, Slano Jezero. We visited the Durmitor national park and have … Read more


We went quickly from Italy to Croatia and skipped Slovenia. Close to Slovenia, there are still lush green mountains and cold nights, but as we went South, that quickly changed. We are following the coastal road, the D8, to Montenegro. Because it is a problem to enter or get out … Read more


Liechtenstein, a very small country wedged between Switzerland and Austria, is so small that we missed it every time when we crossed the Alps. This time we hit it right in the centre with it’s cute little capital, Vaduz. Not just that, it also happened to be the national holiday … Read more