December 2021

Early December was spent travelling north to Bulgaria where we arrived on the 7th. Just over a week ago we enjoyed the nice (summer like) weather in Turkey, now it was winter. With temperatures just above freezing, showering outside wasn’t really an option. As we came past Sofia we dropped … Read more

Looking back

The start of a new year is always a good time to look back. I thought about what we’ve experienced or learned since we’ve started traveling a year and a half ago. Here it is: Making a lot (too many) plans leads to the same result as making no plans … Read more

Ro Ro to Mexico

“Row, row, row your van gently down the stream…” No we did not forget the w in the title. RoRo stands for roll on, roll off. One of the ways to transport a vehicle by ship. Our main plan was always to travel Latin America (= mid and South America). … Read more

Flying to Mexico with a cat

Now with the shipment of the van arranged “all” we had to do was to book 2 flight tickets with a company that allows pets in the cabin to Veracruz. We soon found out “all” would cause a lot of stress and a lot of time as well. Let’s start … Read more