After spending about a month in Guatemala, we drove in to Honduras early May. We had a slight hick up at the border as this was our first border where you can only pay in cash and not with a creditcard. And there were no atm’s either. We exchanged every euro and quetzal for lempiras with a guy who gave us an ok rate and then we had enough for our temporary import permit for the car. We will be getting some dollars to avoid this in the future. The rest of the border crossing went fine and took a total of 3 hours, which isn’t bad. 

So far Honduras is a pleasant surprise! When it comes to sightseeing it doesn’t seem to have a lot to offer, except for the islands, like Roatan. We won’t visit those as it would mean shipping the van and flying there ourselves (no car ferry). But Honduras has a lot of beautiful nature, some off road tracks and very friendly people! We have even managed some wild camping again! 


Getting money seemed to be a bit more complicated. not all ATM’s seem to work with foreign cards, or there was no cash in it. On average every 1 out of 5 ATM’s, inside or outside a bank worked. Maybe not an obvious option, but were most successful getting money from ATM’s that are inside a gasoline station. It seems lot’s of these stations have an ATM.

We experienced quite e few times that a normal conversation on the street ended up in asking money, usually for a medical treatment of a child. This is a difficult situation every time again, because it is not normal to give money every time somebody just asks for it. Sadly, it made us more reluctant to start a conversation.


Fuel is easily available. Gasolina and Diesel are both popular. GLP or LPG is available too, but at dedicated Gas stations. Usually you can pay with a credit card.

Contrary to Guatemala, in Honduras they seem to have a preference for buses without a nose.

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