We were staying in Cancún until our van arrived by boat in Veracruz. More about the shipping can be read in this blog. You can see the long awaited arrival of the van in Cancun, and all other things that happened in our January, February and March blog.

Cancún is popular tourist destination and as such it is quite a busy city. American (read: United States) influence is abundant. There are many (big) shopping malls, supermarkets and American car brands, although European cars can be found too. One thing is sure: lot’s of cars are missing parts of their exhaust, so it is a loud affair on the streets.

Mexico has an metric system (with meters and litres) but the hours of the day are indicated with a.m or p.m.

Water: the general opinion seems to be that the water that comes from a tap is better not used as drinking water. Not only for foreigners. Still, the covers on the street mention it is “drinking water”.

It appears that most Mexicans also try to avoid tap water: bottled water is usually preferred. And it is widely available. A popular size is the 20-litre garrafone. Interestingly, the (bottled) water market is mainly controlled by Ciel (CocaCola), Bonafant (Danone), Epura (Pepsi) and Santa Maria (Nestlé).

Fuel: there are commonly three types of fuel, high and low octane gasoline and diesel. Not every station has diesel by the way…

LPG is called GLP (el Gas LP) and is used widely for domestic use. For cars it is also available, usually called autogas. In Mexico they use the Acme 1-3/4 connector.

While travelling through Mexico we visited two Aguas, ancient Maya sites,

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  1. Wat leuk om te lezen dat jullie nu in Mexico zijn aangekomen. Geniet van jullie verblijf daar en een dikke knuffel voor Binkie

    • Dank je wel voor je reactie, leuk iets te horen! Nog een paar dagen en dan komt de bus aan en kan de fiesta beginnen. Met Binkie gaat het goed, met jullie hopelijk ook.


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