After a thorough check at the Albanian customs, we crossed the border and first visited Struga, where the Drin river flows out of the Ohrid lake. We visited the Vivchani sources and stumbled upon the mountain Hut “Kamen” near the Jankov Kamen (a small lake). We were invited for a drink and talk, and got suggestions to visit the Crn Kamen (2257 masl) and Vievchanska Lokva (a glacial lake).

To get there we drove through Gorna Belica where Alladin (not the one with the magic lamp) kindly invited us and pointed us in the right direction. After that we drove to Mavrovo, where some snow had fallen already.

Kilian did a bit of cycling, our laundry froze during the night and we tried to spot the highest mountain here, mount Korab. we then drove on to Skopje and the Matka Canyon.

After that we drove through the Kozjak region and then visited the Monastery if St. Joakim Osogovski before leaving he country.

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