We arrived from Bulgaria and via the Gallipoli peninsula found our way to the Asian part of Turkey and visited Troye. We went along the coast to Izmir, quite a big city with 4.2 million citizens.

We drove to Pamukkale and the ruins of Hierapolis. Here, we waited for the new year to arrive. For Turkish people, a lockdown is in place and we decided to do the same and clean up the van, do washing , etc.

Then we went on, south to the coast in search of favourable weather: You can read about the what we did and saw in read in the January 2021 post and February 2021 post. Unfortunately, just as the climate started to become really enjoyable, we had to turn back west because all the land borders east of Turkey were -still- closed because of covid. So, our plane to visit Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran has been put on hold.

Turkiye Revisited

Well, we went back to Turkiye, or should we say, we drove trough it along the Black sea coast to get to Georgia in the end of May 2021. It’s borders were finally opened. The Black Sea coast was a bit of a challenge for us: it was difficult to find nice camp spots. There is not much flat enough area along the coast: it is mountainous instantly. But we did manage to find some spots and we drove the D915 road, that was very beautiful.

Turkiye Revisted II

In October 2021 we were here again… We hoped to do some repairs on the van and and hoped to ship the van (in a container) from Turkey to Mexico. A lot of hopes and it did not work out that way.

But we did see Cappadocia and i got to bike there too.

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