D915 State Road

On the website Dangerousroads.org we read that the D915 to Bayburt is worlds most challenging road and one of the most dangerous. So naturally we wanted to drive it. The road starts in the coastal town called Of, but for most part it is a (two lane) paved road.

After Karacan it becomes a narrow unpaved road up until the town Kilickaya. From there it is a paved road to Bayburt. Of course, it is the unpaved part that is considered challenging and dangerous, therefore interesting. Now when it came to the challenging and dangerous part, we were disappointed. Yes there where a lot of (steep) curves. But the road is generally in good condition ( for an off road track) and can be driven by a normal car. And although narrow, there is enough room and there are also quite a few lay byes for traffic to pass each other. Anyone who has some experience of driving in the mountains should be able to drive this road.

We drove the road in poor weather circumstances, rainy and fog, lowering visibility to less than 50 metres. However we got the feeling that the surroundings would be very nice. When we came higher up the mountain, we decided to stay there, hoping for better weather the following day. The next morning it was clear and sunny. To our surprise we were actually on a rather large mountain plateau, near a small village. Because of the fog we thought we had just found a small patch of grassland in the middle of nowhere 🙂

We decided to drive down again. And were we glad we had waited for better weather. The surrounding is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Drop dead beautiful (yes pun intended), wow! Our pictures do not do it justice. To us this not really a dangerous road, the road to Frasher being still far more dangerous and challenging, but is definitely one of the most beautiful roads ever. We couldn’t decide which one is the most beautiful; the road in Trollsteigen, Norway or this one. If you are ever driving through Turkey, this road is an absolute must do!

We drove back up again, fog setting in again. We passed the mountain plateau and drove down on the other side, which is far leas beautiful, on to Bayburt. Like any Turkish city, traffic here was what you could really call challenging!

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