Death Road Bolivia

The most famous road to be called Death Road is without a doubt the one in Bolivia, going from the Amazonian basin up to La Paz, which is 56km long. Actually it’s real name is the Old Yungas Road, because nowadays there is a better and safer alternative for car traffic. When this was still the only road an estimated 200-300 people per year died on this road. In 1995 it was declared the most dangerous road in the world. In 2006 a bypass was opened. The Death road then slowly became more of a tourist attraction. With very little (oncoming) traffic the road is now much safer. It is mostly used by mountain bikers but you can still drive it by car, something we wanted to do for a long time. But when we arrived in Bolivia we learned that due to a landslide the road could only partly be driven by car. We decided to do it anyway and just turn around at the landslide. But we were in for a big surprise!

2 thoughts on “Death Road Bolivia”

  1. What an exciting surprise in the end! Did I see a very small working person there? Very inclusive, never seen that in our country. (I Did see women working on the road In Australia, but never again) Thank you for these blogs, I always enjoy reading them. Greetings! Ilona

    • Yes it was a very nice surprise! We didn’t see a small person working, Bolivian people are just a lot smaller. Quite a few times we saw what we thought was a child from behind and then it turned out to be an adult :). Unfortunately inclusion isn’t a thing here, we see maybe 2 handicapped people per country while there must be more. We’re working hard on our August blog right now. Hopefully you’re enjoying your holiday! Greetings


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