Gjipe beach, Albania

We went to Gjipe beach for the first time in June 2018 and loved it there. A very basic campsite at the beach at the end of a gorge with lots of green and a small river coming from the gorge, flowing to the sea. The campsite could only be reached by foot or by a 4 wheel drive, a 15 minute drive down. The atmosphere at the campsite was really relaxed in 2018. A bit hippie-style. So we were really looking forward to going back there, after our visit to Tirana. We stocked up on food and water as there isn’t much available there. We drove down the “road”. It was bad in 2018 but now it was so much worse that we weren’t sure if could get up again. But since there isn’t exactly a place to turn around, and we really wanted to go to Gjipe beach, we carefully drove down.

We were both really happy we made it down to our beloved beach. That was until we saw the “campsite”. Now, for whatever reason it no longer looks like a relaxed happy place. It now looks more like an area for homeless people and drug users. A big mess, young men playing loud music from a car stereo, and a smell of marijuana across the campsite. We we were truly deeply disappointed. We sat around for an hour, not knowing what to do. We thought about staying for a night, but decided we would leave. That is, if we could get up that track again…..

4 thoughts on “Gjipe beach, Albania”

  1. Nou jongens die auto krijgt het wel zwaar te verduren. En dan ook nog eens teleurgesteld terug moeten rijden.

  2. Hoi Kilian en Marcia dit was weer een avontuurlijk ritje en dan een teleurstelling van het strand maar ik heb weer genoten van het verslag op na het volgend avontuur. gr


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