Mount Tomorr

While we were in Gramsh for a repair, Alfred told us it would be possible to drive all the way up to Mount Tomorr (national park Mali i Tomorrit) and that – via the same route – it is possible to reach the SH-72, the road Berat – Çorovodë. At first we were not sure if we would do that drive, but on second thought: why not? So we drove up the Tomorica river bed, and then to Gjerbës. From there the road continued to climb until the top of the mountain was reached at 2379 masl. (or 2416 masl according to Wikipedia).

It is the highest mountain of Central Albania. Mount Tomorr is a sacred site to both Christians, who climb it on Assumption Day (August 15, to honour the Virgin Mary), and the Bektashi, (to honour Abbas ibn Ali during an annual pilgrimage on August 20–25). So it might be crowded then.

During our ascent however, (14-15 November) we were the only ones on the mountain. Mount Tomorr is also the mountain of deities / gods, according to Albanian folklore. We decided to stay there for the night, but during the night the wind gained strength, up to an estimated 8 Bft. The wind howled around the van and it was shaking the van vigorously from time to time, resulting in a rather sleepless night. Binkie felt unsure as well, either sleeping under the bed or between us.

But we could have known, for as the legend goes:

“Baba Tomor has taken the Earthly Beauty to be his bride. She spends her days with her sister, the Sea Beauty, E Bukura e Detit, but when evening comes, the wind, faithful servant of Baba Tomor, carries her back up the mountainside to him..”

the Legend of Baba Tomor.

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