Telica volcano

This volcano isn’t very well known and Kilian came across it by accident while searching for a good campsite online. He found an off-road track which lead close to the top. The track was about 16 km long and it took us less than two hours to drive, which isn’t bad. We reached the spot where we would camp for the night, just before dark. From here it was only 1.5 km to the top with a height difference of 300m, so very doable. We went to bed early, hoping that if we got to the top before sunrise, we could see the glow from lava. We hadn’t been able to find online if this was at all possible, but we decided to try.

So we got up at 4 am and left in the dark. Binkie couldn’t believe his luck! Just like most cats he likes it when it gets a bit darker. We usually let him stay outside until we go to bed. Sometimes in the night when we get up to go to the toilet, he makes it clear he wants to go outside as well. This never happens of course. So now he was very enthusiastic and had a great walk! We had originally planned to carry him all the way up as we had to make good timing. But he walked so fast that this wasn’t necessary for the first half hour, then he got a bit tired so he had a rest in his backpack. The path was marked and with our headlights it wasn’t too difficult to find.

It was however very foggy. But slowly it got lighter and the fog became less. Just after 5 am we reached the top. We had made good timing, also because it wasn’t hot yet. At the top the view was amazing. But we couldn’t see into the crater because of the fog / steam coming out. It had been raining at night. We decided we would wait.

We had a good look around and then went to a small valley with a little lake about a 100 meters below the top. Binkie didn’t like it at the top of the volcano. We think the strong wind and the smell of sulphur had something to do with it. He did enjoy himself near the lake and climbed the tree. The small valley was very green and wet which was completely at odds with the dry and brown/grey of the volcano. There were also a few palm trees and cacti’s. Some (wild?) horses came to have a drink of water. 

Then around 7.30 the crater was mostly clear and we could also see what appeared to be the bottom although there was a large hole that was even deeper. It was amazing!!! To see in this smoking volcano! With the sulphur also clearly visible. It is just such an amazing force of nature. It is already one of our highlights of Central America! The photos don’t do it justice, because of the damp and smoke coming out of the volcano. And it was so large. We stared in to the crater for at least half an hour. It just felt so ancient, we were the only ones there and with the view of the green valley just below and the horses running around, it felt like pre historic times, our own Jurassic park!

Finally we managed to leave and head back down. Binkie wanted to walk again but now with the sun out, it quickly became too hot for him so we carried him. Just after 9am we were back at the van where we relaxed before we drove in the direction of Leon. It was an amazing experience and well worth getting up for so early. 

We didn’t see any lava unfortunately, but we also plan to visit the Masaya volcano where this should be possible.

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  1. Looking at the film, I begin to understand the heavenly smiles on your faces. And I get more and more jealous following your adventures. But of course Bon Voyage!


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