We are novices

.. when it comes to dwelling at a camping. We are now staying here for five weeks. And to be honest it was a bit cold but dry, thanks to the never ending eastern winds. Which is rare; prevailing winds should be south-west. In the mean time people, who have paid for a season plot, are slowly returning to the camping. One clear difference is obvious: we live in a small camper van, they all use a caravan. At this moment the score is 3 campers versus 14 caravans. Our idea was to travel around, so a camper makes sense. But now comes the thing: they all have at least one tent or shelter attached to the caravan, and then some have an awning in front of that shelter. effectively that is triple the size of the caravan alone.

That got us thinking. We will be staying here for some more time because of You-Know-What, and we are struggling a bit with the cold winds from the east, and our camper is really small. Especially when using it stationary on a camping .. should we consider adding a shelter?

4 thoughts on “We are novices”

  1. Sure, why not. There are quite a few overlanding traveling with an awning / awning to which you can attach side panels / rooftop tents with side panels around the ladder.

    (We have only an awning, which we find enough).

    • yes, we decided that for the time being it is nice to have the extra space. Even more so when it should rain.


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