Leaf Springs

So, during our trip in Morocco, one of the leaf springs broke. We drove home with it, but now came the time to replace the old ones. I ordered a new spring package with two extra blades, but I decided to leave one out, thinking that I could add it later if necessary. I think adding one extra leaf was a good compromise for a camper conversion because the vehicle empty weight increases anyway.

assembly was a bit difficult but took no more than a day, but: the fuel tank had to come down to get to the main bolts. In my case it wasn’t so bad because it allowed me to install the suction pipe for the parking heater as well.

I used the standard shackles at the rear, but the bus has risen a bit higher. of course I don’t know how high these vans were when they came out of the factory, but now 45-50mm has been added. actually more than necessary. After some use they will settle somewhat lower probably.