Fimberpass / Cuolmen d’Fenga

….Is a very nice Alps crossing in the Engadin, Switserland. As mountainbiker, this one is long overdue on my to do list. As most mountaineers will recognize, it is not always smart or even possible to make an attempt in your window of opportunity if, for example, weather doesn’t cooperate. Previous attempts failed because the first time (2018), I had only one week time, and I already did four other long day trips which were also epic, so at the end of the week my fitness was not on par with the challenges of this particular trip. The other attempt (2019) was too early in season, or better explained: there had fallen so much snow in winter, that it amazed even the Swiss that by June so much snow was still there on the mountains. Excavators were used high in the mountains (Davos) to clear the snow on the main gravel roads to help summer tourism get going.

So, perhaps, this year is the year to do it. I might be able to do an attempt in August / September. At least the chance of favourable weather increases in this period, as well as the fact that there is some logistical support this time, making it possible to shorten the round trip a bit.

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