How to climb Sv. Ivan

…walking, as it turn out. but let’s start at the beginning.

So, we are in Croatia, Žuljana, on the Pelješac peninsula. There are some nice beaches here but, anybody who knows me a bit: all day on the beach is a bit boring. So better take the bike for an hour or two and check out the surroundings.

I do so and come across a plate with a bike / walk suggestion to Sv. Ivan. length about 6kms. Sounds interesting enough as a starting point, so off I go. It turns out to be a climb to the nearest highest point, 470 masl. (Metres Above Sea Level). Around noon it is tough enough as a climb, even though the track is a wide enough for a 4×4. then again, a wide track offers little shade. The last push to the top, about 300 m distance, is too steep and too narrow: just enough for walking, so I leave the bike behind.

The view is very nice, and when I get back to the bike, I decide to extend the loop a bit, most of it will be downhill anyway. It turns out to be a nice loop with lush green vegetation on the sheltered side of the hills. Along an equally wide trail it goes all the way down along some vineyards (the peninsula seems to be famous for it) and a nice church, back to the beach. Now the swim in the Mediterranean is so much more rewarding!

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