Riding in Liechtenstein

While in Liechtenstein, I took the opportunity to ride a bit on my mountain bike, making some much needed altitude training if I want to do the Fimberpass any time soon. Liechtenstein is proud to have an even denser walking path cover compared to Austria or Switzerland, so I checked it out.

We went to Malbun and found a really nice place to stay for the night and from there I made about 1000hm over gravel roads and some nice walking paths indeed. As always, I do about 700hm/hr, which seems to be my average for quite some years now. I just hope that I can keep it up long enough! About the trails: I think they are of the equal quality as in Switzerland, and it was really a joy to ride the Malbun panorama strasse, the climb to Sareis mountain station and the trail to Sassfurkle.

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