Bashplate ans Skidplate

Bashplate ans Skidplate
Bashplate ans Skidplate
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Download page for bash and skid plate files.


If you are interested in fabricating your own bash plate and skid plate, I have some files that can help you toe get an easier start.

The download consists of a compressed (zip) file, containing 7 files:

  • an explanatory text file (txt)
  • Bashplate drawing with dimensions (pdf)
  • Bashplate 1:1 drawing (pdf)
  • Bashplate 1:1 drawing for (laser) cutting (dxf)
  • Skidplate drawing with dimensions (pdf)
  • Skidplate 1:1 drawing (pdf)
  • Skidplate 1:1 drawing for (laser) cutting (dxf)

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