We went quickly from Italy to Croatia and skipped Slovenia. Close to Slovenia, there are still lush green mountains and cold nights, but as we went South, that quickly changed. We are following the coastal road, the D8, to Montenegro. Because it is a problem to enter or get out … Read more

How to climb Sv. Ivan

…walking, as it turn out. but let’s start at the beginning. So, we are in Croatia, Žuljana, on the Pelješac peninsula. There are some nice beaches here but, anybody who knows me a bit: all day on the beach is a bit boring. So better take the bike for an … Read more

Lokvarsko Jezero

This mtb track has it all. Well, perhaps no rock gardens, but these can be substituted for root gardens. this place is not far from Krk. If you happen to be in the area and like MTB, I definitely suggest to do this round trip. Altitude gain is about 600 … Read more