Where We Are


We already re-visited Thethi where, since the last time we visited it in 2018, road construction has begun on the last section of the SH-21 to allow people with Porsches to reach the heart of the Albanian Alps. We saw the dunes of Shëngjin but concluded that it was not so spectacular. Then drove the long way to Valbonë, Also in the Albanian Alps. This town already has an asphalt road leading to it, so here you can see what Thethi can expect in the near future. We hope to go back to Shkoder with the Komani lake ferry, and then we will visit Tirane, and push South to Mediterranean coast where Gjipe is located.

After that possibly the rough track from Kuç to Tepelenë, Sarandë and Korçë. but we will have to see how it goes with you-know-what, where we will leave Albania…

Thethi, as far as possible..
A favourite camp site
Thethi main street.
Shëngjin dunes