Where We Are


Again, because all the land borders east of Turkey were -still- closed because of covid. So, our plane to visit Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran has been put on hold. We arrived from Turkey and had to obtain a negative PCR test in Istanbul before crossing the border. Also a health certificate for Binkie was needed. At the border all went well. Worth mentioning is that even the camper had to be “disinfected” for 3 euros. So, you can even get “it” from cars?

March is a bit too early to be in Bulgaria to be honest. It is still quit cold and there is enough chance for rain and/or snow. Some cues of springtime are visible, but I guess it will still be one month before springtime is really noticeable.

Roads: Bulgarije = Bultje-rijden. (Bulgaria = Bumpy ride). The (asphalt) roads are quite bad. In general our average speed is 20km/h below the allowed speed limit, just because of the bumps, dips and potholes.