Mornings with Binkie

Quite recently my human, Marcia, wrote that there isn’t much to write about me, because I do the same thing everyday. Well, that is soooo not true, so I decided to write my own story about my exciting days. Now I do hope you’ll appreciate this, because typing with paws is much harder than typing with fingers! It’s also much harder than placing cute pictures of myself on Instagram. That’s easy because I am cute, therefore so are all my pictures. But I am getting off topic. There is so much to tell about my days, that I will start off with the mornings.

I usually wake up around 7. Depending on the daylight and how hungry I am. You see my humans only give me a certain amount of dry food every day. They say it is to keep me fit and trim… So when I’ve eaten all my food I have to wait till the next day to get new. So when I get hungry I start waking up Kilian. It is no use trying to wake up Marcia. Just like the mice I have caught, she plays dead. It’s impossible to wake dead mice. I should know because they don’t call me the great mass mouse murderer for nothing! Anyway, I start waking Kilian by walking all over him. Especially his head. Now you would think it must be nice to be woken with a full facial massage! But Kilian generally needs a little more motivation. So I start tapping his face with my paw. A pat on the nose, two on his cheek one on his left eye, back to his cheeks, on the mouth, etc. If necessary I repeat the whole thing. After a few minutes I get my reward, Kilian gets up to feed me. Then he goes back to bed and I follow, showing my appreciation by purring really loudly so Kilian can get back to sleep easily (Kilian: yeah right…)

When he gets up again I get to go out. Then the hard work begins, because I have to check my temporary garden, which is often a different one than yesterday. And I need to find a place to do my morning business. I hate using the litter box. Although I have to sometimes, especially when the ground is really hard. During the morning I usually take one of my humans out for a walk. I tell them it is so they keep fit and trim… What I do for the rest of the morning depends on whether we stay put or go to another place. If we move on I lie somewhere in the van. Either sleeping or looking outside to make sure we are going in the right direction. And having an occasional wash. If we stay, then I will stroll around my garden, spy on some birds, try to find new mouse holes, climb a tree and chew some grass. And of course I have a few naps. This is when it is dry. Any self respecting cat stays indoors when it rains of course. Then I just have a lot of adventures in my dreams, wouldn’t you like to know them! But I am not telling. But next time I will tell you what I do during the rest of the day.

4 thoughts on “Mornings with Binkie”

  1. Binkie, you must be so happy 😁!
    Hoop dat jullie mooi weer hebben en dat het goed met jullie gaat. Groetjes! Ilona

    • Hello Ilona,

      Generally I am very happy! I hope you are too. My human says it is nice to hear from you and says hello too. They are well of course, I do take care of my staff! The weather here changes often, one day 9C and a flood of rain and the next day 18C and sunny. Well as it is evening here, I must be off to see if I can catch more mice, I wish you many mice too (whatever you do, don’t eat the tails!.


  2. Ha Binkie, als ik je verslag lees dan is jouw leven een spannend verhaal vol ontdekkingen en avontuur, zelden een saaie dag en als die er is, lekker luieren.
    Maarre…. misschien je kun Kilian af en toe laten uitslapen? (krijg je misschien wel een extra lekker hapje).


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