September 2020

At the beginning of September we were still in Croatia and spent 2 days at the beaches of Žuljana, relaxing and swimming. Taking turns at the beach while one of us stayed with Binkie who was enjoying the shade, grass and bugs. Until we were “asked” to leave by a … Read more

Theth or Valbona

For those of you who don’t want to read the whole story, here’s the short answer: Theth. And no it’s not a close call, well at least not for us. Theth Also known as Thethi, is in the North-eastern part of Albania, the Albanian alps. We were here the first … Read more

And we’re off!

August the 5th is a memorable day, well, to us any way. With a delay of 2.5 months we have started our travels! Had we followed our original plan we now would be back from the Balkan and our camper would be on a boat to Colombia. As it is … Read more

Wilderness First Aid

For the last two years we wanted to follow a WFA training. We both took a regular first aid class several years ago. But the Dutch first aid courses teach first aid in anticipation for the ambulance that, in the Netherlands, will arrive within 15 minutes. Because of our remote … Read more

Living Big

We have doubled our living space by adding a tent. We decided that for the time being (now we are stationary on a campsite) it’s better to have some more comfort. now with the additional tent that can be connected to the camper, we have a room where we can … Read more

We are novices

.. when it comes to dwelling at a camping. We are now staying here for five weeks. And to be honest it was a bit cold but dry, thanks to the never ending eastern winds. Which is rare; prevailing winds should be south-west. In the mean time people, who have … Read more

Logo on the side

Now we are a bit more recognizable; our nice logo is on both sides of the van. We thought it would be nice to have, and allow passing people to check out on the internet what we are doing. because of You-Know-What it was not so easy to get it … Read more


Usually we do not stay that long on a single camping. But due to You-Know-What, we will be here for a longer time most likely. Well, for now it is not so bad. Thanks to the clear skies we had the opportunity to see the full moon, closer to earth … Read more


well not really homeless, but from now on living in a tiny house on wheels. Because we want to travel, we decided to sell our house. Well, some days ago we had to hand over the keys… unfortunately, due to the covid outbreak, it was the question if we could … Read more