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After our visit to Yerevan we continued our journey to the south of Armenia. We were looking for a nice place to camp, to relax for a few days because Yerevan is a chaotic city. We could do with some green and therefore drove to Khosrov forest state reserve where there was supposed to be a campsite. But both roads that led to the reserve, were closed off. We later found out that there had been a forest fire some time ago and they closed the reserve for the time being. So we went to look for another place to camp and found a nice camp site at the river Vedi. It was just below a farm field. We were still getting everything ready when a car arrived and drove on to the field. We asked the people if it was ok for us to camp there and they were fine with it. They showed us their field and before we knew it we had gotten lots of vegetables and fruits! We thanked them and gave the kids some sweets in return. They looked at the van and took some pictures and then said goodbye.

The next day we relaxed by the river and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The mountains have very little vegetation but beautiful rock formations that change colour during the day. We could also see mount Ararat.

In the afternoon another car came to the field as well. They were family of the people we saw yesterday. And despite us already having more food than we could possible eat in time, we got more! It is impossible to say no. We now had 2 melons, about 20 apples, 20 cucumbers, at least 10 paprika’s, some nectarines and several tomatoes. Somebody else had already given us apples, cheese and milk. And that was on top of everything we had stocked up on in Yerevan…

Some of the food.

Anyway the car left but later in the evening returned to move the waterhoses to another part of the field. Even though it was about 11 pm, they invited us to their house in the nearby village Urtsadzor. We accepted the invitation and when we arrived at their house we were welcomed by the rest of the family. One of the daughters spoke some English and with help of google translate we had a fun evening getting to know each other. And then the table was set and at midnight we had a complete meal with meat, boiled potatoes, vegetables and the traditional lavash bread! We were given two types of herbal tea to try and of course there was some vodka 😉 And we couldn’t leave without a giant watermelon! On the way back to our van they also showed us a water source as we needed some more drinking water. Fortunately we had a bottle of wine with us for occasions such as these so we gave them the wine as a thank you.

In the afternoon of our third and last day there, they took us on a tour to the Gevorg Marzpetuni castle. The castle is well hidden and we never would have gotten there without them. After the visit we had a drink and some food at our van. Then it was time to say goodbye as we would be leaving in the morning. We had had a great time here with the nicest people! We will never forget this, so friendly and welcoming!

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  1. Tjee…. da’s nog eens een leuke, gezellige en lekkere verrassing, dit zijn héél mooie momenten om te delen. Super !!


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