And the answer is…..

Last week Binkie posted a quiz online. His paws are a bit cold from all the snow so he has asked me to type the answer. We had several responses, but none of them correct! Most people seem to think we are now hunting vampires and/or Sarah Michelle Gellar. Although I wouldn’t mind meeting Angel or Spike, I ‘m not really interested in meeting any other undead people. And yes Sarah is pretty, but as a blond, not Kilians type. So answer 1 was wrong.

Correctly nobody thought we are converting to Islam (answer 2). We respect all religions, but are not religious ourselves.

To our surprise nobody guessed that answer number three Is the right one. We have two tanks that can each hold 40 liters of water. Before prayer, Muslims must wash their hands and feet. So every mosque has a washing area on the outside. Cemeteries often have a water tap for watering flowers. So both places are very convenient for getting 80 liters of free, clean drinking water.

We are not taking part in them, but cemetery scavenger hunts do exist.

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